Mozambique: Floods - Preliminary Emergency appeal n° MDRMZ010

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This Preliminary Emergency Appeal seeks CHF 662,337 in cash, kind, or services to support the Mozambique Red Cross Society (CVM) to assist 15,000 beneficiaries for 6 months, and will be completed by the 1 August, 2013. A Final Report will be made available by 1 November 2013 (three months after the end of the operation).

CHF 300,000 was allocated from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support this operation. Unearmarked funds to replenish DREF are encouraged.

Summary: Since early January 2013, heavy rains are continuing in southern and central Mozambique and throughout Southern Africa region. These torrential rains have caused destruction of houses, schools, health centres and crops, forcing the affected populations to leave their homes in search of safer areas, mainly in Maputo City, Gaza and Inhambane Provinces. To date, some 143,408 people (28,701 households) have been affected.

Based on the situation, this Preliminary Emergency Appeal responds to a request from the Mozambique National Society, and focuses on providing support to take an appropriate and timely response in delivering assistance and relief in the following sectors: relief, emergency shelter, emergency health, water, and sanitation and hygiene promotion.

The IFRC has sent a Field Assessment and Coordination Team (FACT) to support the National Society with initial assessments, coordination and planning / implementation of the initial response. The FACT will work with the CVM to decide on other support required.