Mozambique : Floods Operation update n°3 MDRMZ010


Period covered by this update: 21 March to 31 July, 2013

Appeal coverage: 94%

Appeal history:

 A Preliminary Emergency Appeal was launched on 1 February for CHF 662,337 in cash, kind, or services to support the Mozambique Red Cross Society (CVM) to assist 15,000 beneficiaries over 6 months

Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF): CHF 300,000 was initially allocated from the Federation’s DREF to support CVM in its initial rapid response.

Operations Update No. 1 was issued on 19 February 2013 highlighting the findings of an assessment done by a field assessment coordination team (FACT) and two emergency response units (ERUs).

 The Revised Emergency Appeal was launched on 1 March 2013 for CHF 2,044,428 in cash, kind, or services to support (CVM) to assist 5,700 families (28,500 people) over six months. The operation is currently scheduled to be completed by the end of August, 2013.

Operations Update No. 2 was issued on 21 March, 2013.

 This Operations Update No. 3 seeks to extend the operational timeframe by six weeks to 15 October 2013, in order to finalise the prepositioning of emergency NFIs and to take into account the final reporting requirements for the ECHO-funded component of the operation. This extension can be accommodated within the existing budget of the Appeal. A Final Report will be made within 3 months of the end date, by 15 January, 2014. A detailed activity report will be included in the Final Report.