Mozambique: Floods - Emergency appeal n° MDRMZ010 Operation update n°1

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Period covered by this Ops Update: 1 February to 15 February, 2013

Appeal target (current): CHF 662,337

Appeal coverage: 31%

Appeal history:

· This Preliminary Emergency Appeal was initially launched on 1 February 2013 for CHF 662,337 for 6 months to assist 15,000 beneficiaries.

· Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF): CHF 300,000 was initially allocated from the Federation’s DREF to support the national society to respond.

· Since the launch of the Preliminary Emergency Appeal, a field assessment and coordination team (FACT) has been deployed to Mozambique and is currently undertaking field assessment and facilitating coordination in support of the Mozambique Red Cross (CVM) in government and cluster mechanisms

· Two Emergency Response Units (ERUs), a Mass Sanitation Module (MSM20) and a Community Health Module (CHM) have been deployed to Gaza Province


The CVM has been working since the onset of heavy rains and subsequent floods by evacuating families, providing first aid, implementing health campaigns, distributing NFIs, and participating in coordination meetings with the Government and international agencies.

Since early January 2013, heavy rains have fallen in southern and central Mozambique and throughout the southern Africa region. These torrential rains have caused destruction of houses, schools, health centres and crops, forcing the affected populations to leave their homes in search of safer areas, mainly in Maputo City, Gaza and Inhambane Provinces. As of 12 February, the number of affected people is 238,302, with a total of 109 deaths. The total number of people displaced is 186,238, of which 175,693 are in Gaza province.

It is estimated that of the original population of 90,000 people in Chokwe City, Gaza Province, 55,000 people are presently living in the Chiaquelane accommodation camp. The exact figure is difficult to assess since many people, in spite of the red alert issued by the Government, have started moving back to their home towns. The Government has initiated allocating plots to those who live in high risk areas in Chokwe.

A FACT team comprising of a team leader (IFRC), relief (French Red Cross), logistics (British Red Cross), shelter (Australian Red Cross), emergency health (Spanish Red Cross), WatSan (Netherlands Red Cross), finance (Finnish Red Cross), and reporting (Danish Red Cross) has been deployed to assist the National Society designing the Red Cross response.

A Shelter Cluster Team exclusively dedicated to the task of cluster coordination, independent of IFRC and CVM operations, has been deployed to work closely in support of the Mozambique Government and CVM to fulfil the mandate as shelter cluster lead agency.

Contributions to the Emergency Appeal have been received from Danish Red Cross (from Danish Government), French Red Cross and Japanese Red Cross Society. IFRC on behalf of Mozambique Red Cross would like to thank the donors for their contribution.