Mozambique: Floods Devastate South of the Country

Africa Policy Information Center - February 13, 2000
Maputo - While Maputo continues without running water, various goods, such as green vegetables and bottled water, have already disappeared from store shelves. The outbreak of cholera and other epidemics is feared. Travel between Maputo and South Africa is possible again, by an emergency opening of the Maputo-Moamba section of the new Maputo-Witbank highway, which is still under construction.

The waters of the Incomati River yesterday covered National route 1 between Manhica and Xinavane and isolated the town of Magude. In Gaza province the districts of Chicualacuala and Massangena are the most affected. In Inhambane the road between Maxixe and the rural hospital of Chicuque is not passable. In Sofala the town of Muchanga is under water. In Buzi district there are more than 30,000 people made homeless.

Several bank accounts for support of victims of the floods have been set up:

* Banco International de Mocambique (BIM), account number 44330

* Banco de Fomento e Exterior, account number 1178717

* Banco Comercial de Mocambique (BCM): account number 9290273.10.01 (in meticais) account number 9290273.15.01 (in U.S. dollars)

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