Mozambique floods: Australian urged to respond

News and Press Release
Originally published
'I urge Australians to give what support they can to aid agencies providing emergency relief to the flood-stricken people of Mozambique,' says Ms Janet Hunt, Executive Director of the Australian Council for Overseas Aid.
'While the immediate priority is to evacuate people to high land, clearly thousands have lost everything, and will need aid to survive.'

'Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world. This natural disaster is a tragedy for its people who were in the process of rebuilding their lives and the infrastructure of their country following drought, famine and two decades of internal conflict.

'Apart from the unknown toll on human life, this latest widespread destruction of crops and livestock will result in acute food shortages. The floodwaters have already increased the incidence of malaria and cholera. Further disease outbreaks are feared.

'Many Australian aid agencies have been working in Mozambique for extended periods and are therefore in the position to be able to respond quickly.

'Cash donations from the public are urgently required to enable to agencies to maximise their emergency relief capabilities,' explained Ms Hunt.

The following agencies are signatories to the ACFOA Code of Conduct and have launched emergency appeals to raise money to help the people of Mozambique:

ADRA Australia 1800 242 372

AngliCORD 1800 249 880

Australian Red Cross 1800 811 700

Australian Lutheran World Service 02 6021 5329

Australian Volunteers International 1800 331 292

CAA Oxfam Australia 1800 088 110

CARE Australia 1800 020 046

Caritas Australia 1800 024 413

Marist Mission Centre 02 9816 3187

National Council of Churches in Australia 1800 025 101

SIMAID 02 9525 8355

TEAR Australia 1800 244 986

UNICEF Australia 1800 025 192

World Vision Australia 13 32 40

Contact: Janet Hunt, Executive Director ph: (02) 6281 9216 (w) 0411 868 174 (m)