Mozambique: Flooding - Office of the Resident Coordinator, Situation Report No. 4 (as of 20th February 2013)

Situation Report
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  • A tropical depression system has formed in the Mozambique Channel, which could bring heavy rains to the central and northern region of Mozambique. The system could increase the magnitude of the current flood situation.
  • A cholera outbreak has been reported in Cabo Delgado Province, northern Mozambique, with 413 cases and 2 deaths.
  • Preliminary assessment indicates about 191,315 ha have been affected by floods of which 166,278 ha of cultivated land have been destroyed. The most affected province is Gaza, followed by Inhambane and Maputo provinces. All three provinces are in southern Mozambique. There is an urgency to get adequate and enough seeds to avoid long term food insecurity.
  • The cleaning-up process is still under way in Chokwe, Gaza Province, as well as priority activities to address sanitation and health concerns, as well as to re-start normal administrative and economic activities.
  • Government and partners are planning to conduct indepth sectoral assessment in Gaza Province and look at early recovery in most affected areas.