Mozambique: Flood Relief Preliminary Appeal No. 10/01 Situation Report No. 1

Originally published

Period covered: March 2001
The Federation’s Preliminary Appeal (no. 10/01) sought CHF 4.9 million to provide temporary shelter and basic household supplies to 6,000 of the worst-hit households, or 30,000 people. Water, sanitation and health activities are also planned in the flood-affected provinces of Sofala, Zambezia and Tete. The situation is expected to worsen with the rains continuing, putting dams in Zambia and Mozambique under tremendous pressure. The Red Cross is concerned that more than 50,000 people may still have to be moved at short notice to higher grounds in the province of Sofala as more areas are threatened by flooding.

The context

Twelve months after devastating floods killed over 700 people, displaced 544,000 more and caused billions of dollars-worth of damage in central and southern Mozambique, the country is again on the brink of major flooding - this time along the Zambeze river basin which cuts through the provinces of Tete, Manica, Sofala and Zambezia. An estimated 325,000 people live along the banks of the lower Zambeze in Mozambique, and all are potentially at risk. The flood season coincides with the harvest, which will surly impact food availability. According to the government’s disaster coordinating agency INGC, more than 25,000 hectares of crops have been lost in the central provinces of Zambezia, Tete, Sofala. With two months remaining in the rainy season, it is still early in the flood operation.

Latest events

Flooding in Sofala province is increasing, with flood waters now cutting off road access to Beira making the logistical challenges of the relief operation even more difficult. The only reliable means left of delivering supplies into and out of Beira, Caia, Chupanga and Mutarara is by air. The Federation and Mozambique Red Cross Society (MRCS) relief operation is therefore utilizing all necessary air assets available to deliver supplies to the operational centres and is appealing to PNS and donors to deliver all relief goods to Beira by air.

The possibility of Sofala being affected by serious flooding in the north, centre and south is now real.

Flooding in Dondo, the town just west of Beira, is getting worse. The Beira-Chimoio road is cut and the Pungue river is above its critical level at 8.68 m. The Save river, at the extreme south of the province, is also at critical levels. Machanga is in danger of serious flooding and Cheringoma is isolated by the waters.

A major weather depression sat over Nampula yesterday, bringing torrential rain to that province. If the depression moves south it will exacerbate the worsening flood situation in Tete, Sofala, Manica and Zambezia.

Red Cross/Red Crescent action


The number of displaced in Chupanga is increasing rapidly. By Wednesday 7 March, 4,453 people were displaced and in need of assistance, including 1,529 in the settlement at Nensa. The latter will be made a transition camp, with tarpaulins and plastic sheeting offering temporary shelter before people are moved to Chupanga. The Federation and MRCS staff expect Chupanga to be hosting 2,000 families (10,000 people) by Sunday, 11 March. Three trucks of supplies have now arrived in Chupanga, delivering 320 tents, 270 blankets, 200 tarpaulins, 230 kitchen sets, 1,360 jerry cans and four rolls of plastic sheeting.

Water and sanitation facilities are still urgently needed and watsan supplies will be delivered today in Caia for onward transportation to Chupanga. Meanwhile, MRCS volunteers are building latrines and chlorinating water. More volunteer training is taking place.


Tents continue to be set up in the new camp, which is scheduled to hold between 10,000-12,000 people. Two health posts have already been established, to be staffed by MRCS volunteers working closely with Ministry of Health technicians. Latrine construction continues also.


Seven helicopters were organized by the Federation and the MRCS in Caia and delivered yesterday.

Red Cross, Ministry of Health and INGC supplies were also delivered to the Red Cross operation in Mutarara. The MRCS also organized the delivery of badly needed diesel fuel to the operation there.

Red Cross teams continued to establish the two camps, holding 6,000 and 5,000 people respectively, which are 15 kilometres from Mutarara (30 minutes by road). A water and sanitation delegate from the delegation in Maputo will begin the journey to Mutarara today to reinforce the team there. A relief delegate arrived in Beira this morning with the same destination.


A total of 3,400 people are reported to be displaced in Tambara district. The MRCS is attempting to provide first aid and sanitation assistance in the accommodation centres. MRCS staff are also involved in rescue operations in Sussundenga, along with water chlorination and providing health education sessions for 1,300 people in the centres. The CVM is using its pre-positioned DP stock to respond to the crisis. Government sources report that 38,000 families are flood-affected in Mossurize, and more in Machaze (details are being gathered). Local MRCS officials are assessing the needs of these people.

Outstanding needs

Cash and in-kind support is urgently required. Please refer to the attached list of relief items which reflects the pledges received to date. the updated list of contributions will be reflected in the next situation report to be issued shortly.

External relations - Government/UN/NGOs/Media

The relief operations in each province are coordinated by provincial structures of the Mozambique Government’s (INGC), and national coordination by the INGC headquarters. The INGC has separate ‘cluster’ groups focusing on different sectoral coordination in the areas of health; water and sanitation; shelter and logistics; and communications. The MRCS are present and active in these cluster groups, supported by the Federation. Newly-established air transportation coordination arrangements, supported by USAID, out of Beira airport are now functioning.

The United Nations agencies, under the coordinating leadership of UNDP, hold weekly UN Disaster Management Team (UNDMT) meetings. At all of these coordination meetings the Federation and MRCS are present and active. The Federation is a member of the NGO coordination meetings in Maputo (such as the DEC partner group) and has excellent working relationships in Maputo and the field with operational agencies such as WFP and NGOs such as World Vision, Save the Children, Oxfam, Action Aid, Food for the Hungry International and others.


See Annex 1 for details.

Bekele Geleta
Africa Department

Peter Rees-Gildea
Head a.i.
Relationship Management Department

MOZAMBIQUE FLOOD RELIEF - Based on preliminary Appeal 10.01 March 2001
Commodity Quantity needed Unit Unit price
Total cost Donors Pledge Outstanding
Family Tents 4,000 pce 300.00 1,200,000 British RC 1,000 (3,000)
German RC 1,000 (2,000)
British RC 500 (1,500)
Swedish RC 500 (1,000)
Swiss RC
Total 3,000 (1,000)
Blankets 12,000 pce 7.00 84,000 British RC 3,000 (9,000)
German RC 1,000 (8,000)
Total 4,000 (8,000)
Tarpaulins (6 X 4) 6,000 pce 20.00 120,000 German RC 330 (5,670)
Swiss RC
Total 330 (5,670)
Plastic Sheeting (4 X 60) 600 pce 200.00 120,000
Total (600)
Used Clothes 2,000 kg 3.00 6,000
Total (2,000)
Mosquito Nets 6,000 pce 9.00 54,000 British RC 3,000
Total 3,000 (3,000)
Bar SOAP 9,000 kg 1.50 13,500
Total (9,000)
Kitchen sets (plate, cutlery, mugs) 6,000 set 35.00 210,000 British RC 1,500 (4,500)
German RC 1,000 1,000
Total 2,500 (3,500)
First Aid Kits for Health Workers 500 kit 100.00 50,000
Stretchers 100 pce 55.00 5,500
Total (100)
Plastic Rigid Jerrycans (20 Ltr) 12,000 pce 16.00 192,000 British RC 3,000 (9,000)
German RC 2,000 (7,000)
Total 3,000 (9,000)
MOZAMBIQUE FLOOD RELIEF - Based on preliminary Appeal 10.01 March 2001
Commodity Quantity needed Unit Unit price (CHF) Total cost Donors Pledge Outstanding
Water purification tablets (20ltr) 1,200,000 tab 0.01 319,950
Total (1,200,000)
Plastic Buckets (20 Ltr) 12,000 pce 16.00 192,000 British RC 3,000
Total 3,000 (9,000)
Kanga (Kapulana) 1m x 1.8 m 20,000 pce 2.00 40,000
Total (20,000)
Life Juckets 300 pce 40.00 12,000
Total (300)
T-Shirts for volunteets 4,000 pce 5.00 20,000 British RC 3,000
Total 3,000 (1,000)
Bibs for volunteers / activists 1,000 pce 20.00 20,000
Total (1,000)
Marine rope code for Boats 50 rolls 20.00 1,000
Total (50)
Identification caps for volunteers 4,000 pce 2.00 8,000
Total (4,000)
Megaphones 50 pce 80.00 4,000
Total (50)
Whistles 100 pce 0.50 50
Total (100)