Mozambique – Flash Report 15 | Evacuations to Accommodation Centres Update 2 (Tropical Cyclone Eloise) - IOM DTM/INGC Rapid Assessment (25 January 2021)


The landfall of Tropical Cyclone Eloise on the night of 23 January 2021 and Tropical Storm Chalane on 30 December 2020) has aected Sofala, Manica, southern part of Zambezia, and Inhambane provinces.

Preliminary information from the National Institute for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction (INGD) shows that an estimate of 176,475 individuals (35,684 households) had been affected. So far, 32 accommodation centres have been activated in Sofala province: Beira (14 centres, 9,437 individuals), Nhamatanda (5 centres, 1,885 individuals), Buzi (10 centres, 3,344 individuals), and Machanga (3 centres, 854 individuals). Nine Accommodation centres activated in Dondo and Muasa districts have been deactivated by INGD.

The top humanitarian needs identied include: food, tents, potable water, hygiene kits, COVID-19 prevention materials, mosquito nets, blankets, flash-lights, tarps, health kits, and soap. According to key informants, the individuals received assistance (food and water) from provincial authorities and the INGD.