Mozambique – Flash Report 11 | Rain Damages to Resettlement Sites - IOM DTM/INGC Rapid Assessment (07 - 15 December 2020)

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Following the heavy rainfall which occurred between 05 and 07 December 2020, a rapid assessment was conducted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in collaboration with the National Disasters Management Institute (INGC). The assessments focus on understanding the extent of damages to shelters and facilities across all existing resettlement sites in Manica and Sofala provinces.

Out of the 60 sites assessed in Manica and Sofala provinces, 26 were aected by the rains. In total, 203 emergency shelters and 7 tents were completely destroyed due to the heavy rain and strong wind. IOM DTM with INGC identied an additional 133 shelters (upgraded, emergency shelters and tents) with major structural damages to walls and rooFng, 354 shelters with minor damages, and 294 damaged latrine units.

One clinic was damaged in Maxiquiri alto/Maxiquiri 1 resettlement site in Buzi district, one school damaged in Muchai resettlement site in Sussundenga district and two child-friendly spaces damaged in Muawa resettlement site in Sussundenga district.

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