Mozambique - Escalation of violence in Cabo Delgado province (DG ECHO, UNHCR, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 14 February 2020)

  • A recent escalation in violence has forced thousands to flee Cabo Delgado. The attacks have now spread across 9 out of 16 districts in cabo Delgado and an estimated 115,000 people are now displaced throughout the province. Hundreds of villages have been burned or are completely abandoned as attackers carry out a wide and indiscriminate campaign of terror.
  • Civilians have fled in many directions, including to small islands, where many have nowhere to stay. Some, among them many children and women, are sleeping rough and have limited access to clean water. The majority of the internally displaced have taken refuge with families or friends, adding pressure to already meagre local resources.
  • Many areas affected by the violence were devastated by Tropical Cyclone Kenneth in April 2019 - affecting 160,000 people directly – and have only recently started to recover. Cabo Delgado has also been seriously affected by recent floods, which damaged homes and schools, and destroyed bridges, further limiting access to food and other resources.