Mozambique | Eloise Response | Beira Accommodation Centers (1 February 2021)



Protection Cluster hit the ground in Beira on day one after landfall, ensuring a protection by presence and monitoring of the accommodation centers. During these visits, protection partners have engaged in dialogue with partners and community leaders to ensure that protection considerations have been taken into consideration. For instance, ensuring that toilets are separated for men and women; ensuring community leaders are collecting disaggregated by sex, age and disability; ensuring toilets are built in well-lit location and that elderly and persons with disabilities have access to food. Protection visits also ensure that protection risks are recorded and followed up on through referrals across its specialized network of UN and NGO partners and across clusters, such as WASH and Food Security issues.


This matrix shows the result of protection monitoring visit in the accommodation centers in the town of Beira. Based on a rapid and continuous protection assessment, protection risks has been ranked according to priority areas, such as Prevention of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (PSEA), security of centers, child protection and gender-based violence (GBV). The second page shows the result of the survey.