Mozambique: Education Cluster Fact Sheet, Impact of the disaster on education (Update as of 15 April 2019)

from UN Children's Fund, Save the Children, Education Cluster
Published on 15 Apr 2019 View Original


Cyclone Idai has displaced thousands of children and damaged at least 3,436 classrooms as of 10th April, disrupting schooling. Many schools have been used as temporary accommodation centres and are therefore not currently functional as educational facilities. In addition to damage to infrastructure, it is anticipated that teacher absenteeism and damage to access routes may impact students’ ability to attend school in the period ahead. With many families having lost everything, it is highly likely that school uniforms, books and other educational supplies have been destroyed or damaged during the cyclone. Exposure to massive destruction has affected children’s psycho-social well-being causing stress and trauma, which will likely impact their subsequent school performance.