Mozambique: DTM Flash Report | Displaced Families in EPC de Quitunda EPC de Quitunda, Quitunda locality, Palma district, 15 April 2021

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Following the recent attacks in Palma sede, the IOM’s DTM team conducted a remote assessment on 15 April 2021 in the displacement location of EPC de Quintuda (one of the Quitunda displacement locations currently hosting displaced individuals as a result of the attacks). An estimated 11,104 individuals (1,452 households) are being hosted at this school according to the remote assessment. All of the displaced people at the EPC de Quitunda attributed their movements on heightened hostilities and fears of insecurity in their home district of Palma. Palma sede was cited by the majority of IDPs as their place of origin prior to displacement.

Displaced households are currently residing in a school (EPC de Quitunda) in the centre of the Quitunda community. The government, according to key informants (KIs), is currently providing some kind of assistance to displaced persons; however, the IDPs are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.