Mozambique Cyclone Kenneth: Assessment Report - Macomia Town, Macomia District, Cabo Delgado 12 May 2019

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Cyclone Kenneth landfall as a Category 4 cyclone on 24 April, 2019, with eye of the storm hitting near Mucojo, Mozambique. The epicenter of the storm passed over Macomia district. Macomia district has four postos Macomia Center, Mucojo, Quiterjaro and Chia with 114,345 people in the district.

The government’s efforts to provide early warning to communities in the district was able to avert significant loss of life when the storm hit. There were 33 deaths and 26 injured people as a consequence of Cyclone Kenneth. In Macomia, the district administrator reported that an estimated 90 percent of the district is affected by the Cyclone’s effects. On 28 April, 2019, in support of the INGC, OCHA and Team Rubicon undertook a Mozambique Rapid Needs Assessment to Macomia Town with the MRA endorsed tool by the INGC. UNICEF was able to gather additional data on 3 May 2018. This assessment details the main conclusions until this date.

On 1 May, thanks to a rotation provided by UNHAS, a team from WFP, CARITAS and OCHA undertook a rapid mission to Mucojo town. 114,345 55,277 59,068 The assessment was coupled with the distribution of 1 MT of Ready to Use Supplementary Food (RUSF) to assist vulnerable children, High Energy Biscuits (HEBs) – 1.1MT - for 1,222 people in need - and plastic total population (2017 census) female male sheeting provided by WFP and medical supplies (basic medicines, including antibiotics, malaria treatment, painkillers and medical materials sufficient for 1,000 people for one month) – and 48 bottles of certeza water purification for the health centre, provided by UNICEF.

About 5 key informants, including community leaders (chefe de localidade, male; chefe de posto, female), the Director of the Health Centre (female), policemen (male), and other villagers, were interviewed. In addition, direct observation was used, including aerial assessment of the village. Due to time constraints, no focus group discussions were possible.
District officials reported five accommodation centers in Macomia Town on Sunday 28 April, all accommodation sites were school buildings (including one high school, one technical school, one primary school and two kindergartens).
According to the INGC there were 422 people displaced in accommodation centers in Macomia District (as of 28 April).
The following mission on 3 May found that all accommodation sites had been closed in Macomia Town.

The district administrator reported that out of the four postos in Macomia district, which they currently have access and information, Macomia Center and Mucojo postos are the most affected. In Quiterjaro the needs are not yet known as they are unable to make contact or access the area. Two bridges are reportedly damaged, limiting access to outlying districts, the bridge to Chia is damaged a makeshift footbridge has been set up to facilitate the movement of people, however trucks are still unable to pass. The bridge to Mujoco has been completely destroyed, cutting off access to the area. Based upon aerial surveys Mujoco is in critical need of life-saving assistance.

Macomia town showed significant levels of destruction and damages across the city. Power lines were down, cutting of power supply to key public facilities including the hospital. Phone network, Vodacom and Movitel are still operational in town, but with limited connectivity across all areas of town.

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