Mozambique: Cyclone Idai & Floods Situation Report No. 11 (as of 12 April 2019)

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 12 Apr 2019

This Situation Report is produced by OCHA Regional Office for Southern and Eastern Africa in collaboration with humanitarian partners. The Situation Report builds on Flash Updates #1 through #15 and provides detailed information on the situation and response by sector. The next report will be issued as of 13 April 2019.


• Over 1 million people had received food assistance as of 12 April and distribution of seeds for the winter harvest was underway in Sofala province.

• Over 907,000 people have received water support, over 155,000 have received hygiene support and over 18,230 have received sanitation support

• On 12 April, 312 new cholera cases were reported, bringing the total reported cases to 4,979, according to the Ministry of Health.

• Distributions of seeds and tools are underway, with farmers receiving agricultural kits containing hoes, machetes and early-maturing maize and bean seeds that, once sown, will be ready to harvest after just 90 days.

• Damage to the Beira City port’s infrastructure and connecting transport routes could impede the importation of grains - approximately 1 million tonnes of wheat and rice are imported annually into Mozambique, according to FAO.

1.85M People in need

4,979 Cholera cases

603 Deaths

~73K Displaced people in 70 collective sites

1M People assisted with food

907K People reached with water support


As of 12 April, the official death toll was 603 people, and the number of houses destroyed was 239,731, including 112,745 houses totally destroyed, 111,202 partially destroyed, and 15,784 flooded. Meanwhile, the Government reported a reduction in the number of people sheltering in collective sites and the number of such sites; as of 12 April, 73,296 displaced people were living in 70 collective sites, down from 73,643 people in 77 sites on 11 April. Many more displaced people are thought to be staying with friends and family.

According to the Ministry of Health, as of 12 April, the total number of registered cholera cases reached 4,979, with 312 new cases reported from Beira (214), Dondo (57), Nhamatanda (44) and Buzi (3). Of the 4,979 cases reported, over 4,946 have received treatment and are recovering. Meanwhile, the Oral Cholera Vaccination campaign ended on 9 April, with 803,125 people vaccinated; 98.6 per cent of the target. At the same time, malaria cases have risen to 9,501 cases since 27 March, in Beira (2,832), Dondo (2,981), Nhamatanda (3,609) and Buzi (79 since 5 April).

In Manica Province, roads and power lines are being repaired by companies contracted by the Government, the Lucite river bridge has been fixed and the road in between Dombé and Espungabera is expected to open for traffic soon. However, some areas, particularly Mossurize and Sussundenga districts, are still difficult to reach and several communities in the Chefe de Posto Administrativo in Dombé, report being cut-off.

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