Mozambique: Cabo Delgado Province - Access Snapshot, March 2021



In March 2021, insecurity in Cabo Delgado, especially in Palma and Nangade districts, caused new displacement and constrained humanitarian access in several areas. At least 30 security incidents were recorded in March, according to Cabo Ligado, in Nangade (15), Palma (13) and Macomia (2) districts, culminating in the attacks and clashes in Palma sede which began on 24 March. By the end of March, an estimated 126,000 displaced people, out of 622,000 in the province, were living in hard to reach and partially accessible areas in Cabo Delgado.

Following the attack on Palma sede by non-state armed groups, people fled for safety by foot, bus, boat and air, including through UNHAS support. Although humanitarians were able to assist people arriving at destinations outside Palma, humanitarian access to Palma was curtailed by the insecurity. More than 8,100 arrivals were recorded in surrounding districts by 31 March, according to IOM/DTM, with thousands more en route.

The conflict has had a significant impact on people’s ability to access health services. Nearly a third of Cabo Delgado’s health facilities (40 out of 129) were not functioning by the end of March 2021, with five districts having no functional health-care facilities (Macomia, Mocimboa da Praia, Muidumbe, Palma and Quissanga), according to the Health Cluster.

Beyond conflict, the rainy season sporadically impacted access by road to Mueda in March. This limited the movement of displaced people from Mueda to Montepuez, as well as the movement of commodities and humanitarian supplies from Pemba to Mueda.


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