Mozambique: Cabo Delgado Province - Access Snapshot, April 2021



In April 2021, insecurity in Cabo Delgado continued to cause displacement and restrict humanitarian access, especially in Palma District, following the attacks and clashes which began in Palma Sede on 24 March 2021. At least 23 security incidents were recorded in the province during the month, according to Cabo Ligado, with the vast majority in Palma District (18). Civilians faced constraints to leave conflict-affected Palma District, including people who attempted to flee to Tanzania and were returned across the border, according to UNHCR. Only people with financial resources were able to depart Palma by air or boat, while those who fled on foot undertook a hazardous journey to Nangade.

At the same time, access to Palma District for humanitarian actors was curtailed through the imposition of additional administrative processes for air movements and a ban on maritime movement north of Pemba. One humanitarian mission was able to proceed to Afungi on 21 April 2021. However, subsequent missions were not approved. Humanitarian actors were, however, able to access people who fled the violence in Palma in the areas where they arrived, with a focus on Nangade, Mueda, Montepuez and Pemba, given the high number of arrivals in these districts. This included an inter-agency humanitarian mission to Mueda and Negomano in the third week of April, as well as response by static partners in Montepuez and Pemba.

Elsewhere in the province, humanitarian access in April remained mostly unchanged, with better access into Chapa Subdistrict (Mueda District) as flood waters subsided and an increase in humanitarian action in Macomia District, including the first inter-agency humanitarian mission to Macomia in nearly one year, which took place in the last week of April 2021.


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