Mozambique: Cabo Delgado Humanitarian Response - Health Cluster Bulletin No. 6 (June 2022)


Security Update

The month witnessed a new wave of violence violent attacks in Ancuabe district which triggered the displacement of 36,000 people with reports of at least four beheadings, the first of this kind to be witnessed in the district. Ancuabe had previously been considered safe from violence and is hosting substantial numbers of families who have already been displaced from other districts. Ancuabe is less than 2 hours drive from Pemba city, one of the region’s hubs. Displaced people were witnesses to killings, beheadings, rape, houses being burned, and abductions, and reported the kidnapping of several boys. Women and children make up 85 per cent of those forced from their homes or shelters and include pregnant women and unaccompanied and separated children.

The pattern of insurgent activity is increasingly characterized by hit-and-run raids on remote, vulnerable targets across multiple districts, most likely with the intention of stretching the security forces’ resources. The latest DTM report (55-26 June 2022) paints a grim picture of continued displacement by Non-State Armed Groups triggered the movements of 5,837 individuals within Ancuabe, Chiure, Quissanga, Mecufi, Mueda,
Macomia, Montepuez, Meluco, Namuno, Balama, Metuge and Cidade de Pemba. An estimate of 343 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) have been identified with vulnerabilities. The report indicates that at least 30% of these movements are arrivals in Chiure, 23% in Montepuez and 21% in Metuge. This displacement continues to increase the number of vulnerable persons requiring urgent humanitarian assistance exacerbating an already dire situation in the affected locations