Mozambique: Assessment Report – Namacurra District, Zambezia Province (28 March 2022) [EN/PT]



• Total population in Namacurra district (Census 2017): 214,924 (males: 98,728; females: 116,196).

• Persons with disabilities (Census 2017): 32,239.

• People in the 06 transit centers: 1,682 people (369 households) (as of March 22).


Namacurra is a coastal district of Zambezia province with borders in the north with district of Maganja da Costa and in the south with the district of Nicoadala. The district is divided in 2 Administrative Posts namely: Administrative Post of Namacurra and Macuse.

Before the arrival of Tropical Cyclone Gombe, Namacurra district had a population of about 214,924 (98,728 men / 116,196 women), according to the INE 2017 census.

The tropical cyclone Gombe, affected the district of Namacurra as a moderate tropical depression with heavy rains causing flooding resulting in damage of infrastructure, electricity poles, including roads access to Quelimane city. According to INGD data, Namacurra was the most affected by tropical cyclone Gombe with about 18,391 people affected by overflow of the Licuar River which caused flooding in the adjacent communities.


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