Mozambique: Assessment Report – Mossuril District, Nampula Province (28 March 2022) [EN/PT]



• Total population in Mossuril district (Census 2017): 174,641 (male: 90,095; female: 84,546).

• Houses are mostly built by local material (mud and grass cover). In Matibane administrative Posts, the key informant reported an estimation of 1596 houses completely destroyed and 26 people are living in host families.

• Assessment teams could not reach Lunga, the most affected Administrative Post.

• Agriculture sector report over 75% of various subsistence crops were lost in Mossuril sede.


Mossuril is a coastal district bordering in the north Nacala-a-Velha and Nacala Porto, and in the south Mongicual. The district is divided in three Administrative Posts: MossurilSede, Matibane and Lunga.

Prior to the landfall of tropical cyclone Gombe, Mossuril had an estimated population of 174,641 (male: 90,095; female: 84,546), according to the INE 2017 census.

In the early hours of 11 March, Lunga -sede and Vida Nova, coastal localities were severely hit by strong winds and heavy rainfall as Gombe was making landfall in Nampula as tropical cyclone category 4 with maximum sustained winds up 190 km/h. The heavy rainfall flooded several roads, damaged bridges, thus affecting access to many communities which were cut off as a result and damaged the power grid and the telecommunication system.


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