Mozambique: Assessment Report – Maganja da Costa District, Zambezia Province (28 March 2022) [EN/PT]



Maganja da Costa is a coastal district in Zambezia province bordering Mocuba district in the northeast and in the west with the district of Namacurra. The district is divided in 2 Administrative Posts namely: Administrative Post of Maganja da Costa-sede and Nante.

Before the Tropical Cyclone Gombe landfall, Maganja da Costa district had a population of about 144,974 (men: 66,282; women: 78,692), according to the INE 2017 census.

Tropical Cyclone Gombe affected the same places that were devastated by Tropical Storms Ana and Dumako in January and February, causing human casualties and destruction of infrastructure, power grid poles, including road access interruption along the N1 road. The passage of consecutive phenomena in less than 3 months caused cumulative damage exacerbating vulnerability condition of the communities in the district.

According to INGD data, Maganja da Costa was the most affected by the storms Ana and Dumako and was the second district most affected by the tropical cyclone Gombe with about 16,900 people affected.


The Government’s Institute for Disaster Risk Management and Risk Reduction (INGD) and humanitarian partners carried out an Inter-agency Rapid Needs Assessment (IRNA) in Nicoadala district from 26 to 30 March 2022 to assess the needs of people impacted by Tropical Cyclone Gombe. The assessment teams visited 2 localities namely; Maganja sede and Nante meeting with key informants and interact with families in the most affected communities. The assessment team was composed of INGD, WFP, UNICEF, WVI and ADRA. The team used a rapid inter-agency needs assessment tool agreed with the INGD. This Inter-Agency Assessment Report represents the key findings from the assessment team.


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