Mozambique: Assessment Report – Liupo District, Nampula Province (28 March 2022) [EN/PT]



• Total population in Liupo district (Census 2017): 89,259 (male: 43,359; female: 45,900)

• Number of people with disability: 13,389.


Liupo is one of the new districts formed in the recent territorial planning, previously Liupo was part of the district of Mongicual as administrative post. The district is divided in two administrative posts, namely; Liupo-sede and Quinga, bordering in the north with the district of Mongicual and south with the district of Angoche.

Before the impact of Tropical Cyclone Gombe, according to 2017 census, the district had a population of about 89,259 (43,359 men /45,900 women).

In the early morning of March 11, the district was slammed by strong winds and heavy rains due to the passage of tropical cyclone Gombe category 4 with maximum winds up to 190 km/h, causing damage to infrastructures in the district, mainly on roads, leaving the district isolated for a period of five days.


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