Mozambique: Acute Food Insecurity Situation (April - September 2018) [EN/PT]

from Integrated Food Security Phase Classification
Published on 18 Oct 2018 View Original

Key Results

The latest IPC acute food insecurity situation analysis (June 2018 with projections up to September 2018) covered 36 districts of 7 Provinces. According to the results, 531,476 people in 19 districts were classified to be in "Crisis" (IPC phase 3) and in need of urgent interventions to protect their livelihoods, reduce food shortages and increase their resilience to extreme events.

The districts of concern were Chibuto, Chicualacuala, Chigubo, Guija, Mandlakaze and Mapai in Gaza province, Funhalouro, Mabote and Panda districts in Inhambane Province, Cahora Bassa, Changara, Chifunde, Chiuta, Doa, Magoe, Marara, Moatize and Mutarara in the Province of Tete and Chemba in Sofala Province. Major drivers of acute food insecurity were poor agricultural productivity due to irregular and late onset of rainfall, lack of improved seeds resistant to climate change, inadequate food consumption, insufficient food stocks, pest and disease incidence in crops, low access to improved water and sanitation services.