More rain in Mozambique expected to hamper rescue work

Johannesburg/Maputo (dpa) - Heavy rains expected in southern and central Mozambique on Tuesday and Wednesday will further hamper relief efforts for flood victims, authorities in the flood-stricken country said Tuesday.

However, it was believed that water levels would not rise ''dramatically''.

Water levels in the last few days had dropped sufficiently for people to come down from trees and roofs, with some even returning to their villages and beginning to clear out thick mud.

A growing number of corpses is being found in the flooded areas. Relief organisations believe that thousands of people have drowned although no definite figures were available.

Forty corpses were discovered last Sunday in the southern town of Chokwe when the level of the Limpopo river receded.

Relief units sent by Germany's border guards corps and federal army were continuing their relief work on Tuesday. The Germans have made their headquarters in Beira, where two more cargo aircraft were expected to arrive on Tuesday bringing technical equipment.

Four German air force helicopters which arrived Monday in Maputo have been transferred to Beira.

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