Megaruma: Multi Cluster Site Assessment - Ancuabe: Nanona, Muaja, 24 August / 13 September 2021

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The findings presented in this report will inform on the capacity of the site to accommodate people and recommendations for development before any relocations.

Assessment Methodology

Each visit consisted of a conversation with the community leader about the current situation within the host communities, the situation with the IDP’s and walk to the proposed sites. Before the visit CCCM team had carried out flood risk assessments of each site to ensure the locations were fit for habitat.


Main Findings – Summary

The proposed relocation site has been informally occupied, with shelters already built. The site is located on the Pemba – Montepuez road, roughly 6 km to Metoro. The only support that the IDPs received until now is food from WFP. There was some movement of families from Metoro to the site, as some of the IDPs were forced out of the houses they were renting. The local community is located nearby, around 10 minutes walking. The host community is composed of roughly 5,000 persons. 2,480 IDPs are reportedly already on site, originating from several districts.