MAREK Business Briefs: Mozambique

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From MAREK Business Briefs 4 Apr 2000


Mozambican sugar production is affected by flooding. PANA reported on March 14 that all of Mozambique's operational sugar companies have been badly affected by flooding. Only Marromeu the province of Sofala was mostly unaffected. The target of producing 310, 000 tons of sugar by 2005 is not possible. The Mafambisse sugar company in the Sofala district of Dondo will suffer a deficit of 10 percent; the Xinavane in Maputo province will also have a production loss of 10 percent. The Maragra sugar company near the mouth of the Incomati river lost all its work of the last two and one half years.

Coca-Cola will donate $1.5 million to Mozambique for flood relief. Reuters reported on March 13 that Coca Cola expects its two flood-damaged plants will be in production by the end of this March. A third plant in Nampula will be completed by October at a cost of $6 million.

Mozambique's cereal harvest is reduced by more than 30 percent. Reuters reported on March 3 that the southern provinces inundated by floods account for some 13 percent of total cereals output in the country, and those affected in the central region for another 20 percent. Major cereal growing areas of the north have not yet been affected by floods, and have benefited from good rains in January and February. Imports of maize may be necessary in the year 2000/01 (April-March). Livestock losses for the three southern provinces are provisionally estimated at 30 percent of the total cattle population.