Livelihoods Baseline Profiles - Zambezi Basin, Mozambique

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The following Livelihood Baseline Profiles for zones in the Zambezi Basin, Mozambique were developed in order to build upon existing Mozambique livelihoods information to meet the growing information and analytical requirements of USAID, the government, and other key decision-making bodies.

The baseline profiles in this report are derived from two sets of fieldwork. Most profiles present information from baselines data collection that was carried out in 2010 in collaboration with the Technical Secretariat for Food Security and Nutrition (SETSAN), National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC) and faculty members and students from Universidade Técnica de Moçambique (UDM). These baselines have been incorporated into Livelihood Impact Analysis Spreadsheets (LIAS), which are designed for modeling the impacts of shocks in early warning scenario analysis and to inform disaster risk reduction strategies. Baselines information for these zones is included in the Zambezi Basin Atlas, which will be published in 2011.

Baseline profiles for Chinde Delta and River Shore/River Valley Livelihood Zones, which are the last profiles in the document, present information from baseline data collection that was undertaken in July of 2008. Baseline data collection in 2008 was carried out with the assistance of IRD, Save the Children, and SETSAN Zambézia.