Latest on World Vision Aid Intervention in Mozambique

By Dana Palade, WV Communications
As helicopters completed their rescue missions and waters subside, the complex humanitarian crisis reaches its real dimension. World Vision continues to respond to the emergency needs of the population hit by the floods in the provinces of Gaza (Xai-Xai district) and Sofala (Machanga district).

At the end of March, the impact of WV intervention for flood affected people is recorded in significant figures. 1,366 survival kits have been distributed in both Gaza and Sofala provinces. A total of 1,500 recovery kits and 14,500 veg-packs have been ordered and will be soon distributed to different locations. Drugs and supplies with a total value of US$ 11,436 have been sent to the field.

World Vision Mozambique has already laid the groundwork for the follow-up to relief aid. Paul Sitnam, World Vision CHE Relief Coordinator for Machanga District, says that the intervention must follow a logical continuity, reaching what he calls "the telescope effect" of humanitarian assistance.

"When we finish the distribution of the survival and recovery kits, we need to focus on providing seeds and tools. We need to help people in communities to rehabilitate houses, roads and other buildings, of community interest."

World Vision has procured seeds and tools to assist 4,000 families. Plans to provide the same for another 13,000 families are now being assessed and there is also the possibility of supplying new livestock.

Meanwhile, WV Mozambique is negotiating emergency relief grants to provide food and post-food assistance. The food distribution plan covering 6 months includes 495 metric tons per month for Gaza and 810 metric tones per month for Sofala. Post-food assistance will include water purification systems, roads rehabilitation, survival and recovery kits, seeds and tools, drugs for prevention and treatment of malaria, cholera, immunization against meningitis, tetanus and measles.

Jorge Martins, representative of the National Institute for Calamities (INGC) in Machanga district highly comments World Vision's intervention in Sofala Province.

"World Vision responded immediately to Government's humanitarian appeal. Their rapid action made a huge impact on our people's lives."

Talking about the further need for asssitance in the region, Mr. Martins says:

"There are no traditional ways to cope with this situation. People have lost almost everything. Unofficial figures mention 70 casualties. If the international community will not provide continuing assistance, there is no way people will survive".