Heavy Rains Cut Niassa's Roads In Mozambique

from Pan African News Agency
Published on 18 Jan 1998
MAPUTO, Mozambique (PANA) - Heavy rains in the northernmost Mozambican Province of Niassa have cut off the
provincial capital, Lichinga, from the District of Majune, Radio Mozambique reported Sunday.

It cited unnamed district government officials as saying that the rains damaged a bridge over the Luambala River on the road from Lichinga to Malanga, the Majune District capital.

The rain waters uprooted tree trunks which destroyed some of the pillars holding up the bridge over the Luambala, and this has effectively cut the road link between Lichinga and Majune, an official said.

The road link from Lichinga southward to Mandimba District and thence to Malawi also depends on repairing a bridge, this
time over the Ngume River. Repairs began in December 1997.

Recent rains have damaged a bridge over the River Mole, making it difficult for motorists driving north from Lichinga into the
District of Sanga.

Road transport in Niassa depends on a fragile and poorly maintained network of dirt roads, which is extremely vulnerable in the rainy season.

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