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Good Neighbors responds to Tropical Cyclone Idai in Mozambique and Malawi

Good Neighbors International (GNI) announced to respond cyclone IDAI emergency in amount of $250,000 in Mozambique and Malawi, Southern Africa.

Cyclone Idai left 598 casualties, 1.85 million affected population and 112,000 houses destroyed in Mozambique as of 2nd April According to OCHA. The government of Malawi appealed for aid targeting 162,000 households in the area worst hit by cyclone Idai.

On 20th March, Good Neighbors launched the emergency response program for cyclone Idai and the initial assessment teams were dispatched to the affected area in each countries for initial needs assessment, emergency coordination discussion, and response planning.

Good Neighbors Mozambique has been setting emergency shelters in 4 villages to accommodate 400 affected people across Dondo and Nhamatanda districts. Also hygiene kit including soaps, toothbrushes, toothpastes, sanitary pads, and blankets mosquito nets will be distributed for 4 village in around 3,250 community population. The field emergency response operation is implementing in cooperation with Korea Food for the Hunger International (KFHI) and Korean missionary network in Mozambique.

Good Neighbors Malawi also has responded in Kalima and Chikuse camp, one of the most vulnerable populations in the region and provided in food and NFI items for 2,117 households. And further response assessment is currently in progress in Nsanje district to support severely affected people.

GNI is international humanitarian and development organization. It has made great strides in its mission by providing people around the world with a better quality of life since its establishment in Korea, 1991. GNI was granted General Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC in 1996 and acknowledged its contribution and granted the “MDGs Award” in 2007.