GOAL in Mozambique

GOAL's emergency programme in Mozambique received a major boost on March 10th, when it was revealed that the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs has agreed to supply funding to the tune of =A3150,000.
The team in Mozambique is being strengthened all the time and Dr. Mary McLoughlin, one of GOAL's most experienced emergency relief workers, is now also currently in Maputo.

Maura Lennon, a vastly experienced aid worker and her husband Tony O'Gorman - who was formerly the GOAL assistant Field Director in Mozambique, have also joined the emergency team.

On Tuesday March 7th GOAL began distributing food in Chokwe. This is a town of 50,000 inhabitants in the Gaza region that was completely devastated when the river Limpopo burst its banks. The food had to be flown in by helicopter because the roads were impassible.

GOAL's 40 tonne cargo of non-food relief items (clothing, plastic sheeting, cooking utensils, water containers etc.) arrived in Maputo on Wednesday and were transported to Chokwe where they are being distributed.

3 tonnes of kitchen sets have also been sent to Vilankulas, another town which was particularly badly effected by the flooding.

Support staff in Dublin report a steady stream of calls to their credit card donation line (01 2809779), and each morning's postbag contains a huge number of cheques.

GOAL needs your help - URGENTLY.

Please send a cheque or make a credit card donations to:

GOAL, PO Box 19, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Tel. 00 353 1 280 9779
GOAL UK, 7 Hanson Street, London, W1 7PL, Britain. Tel. 00 44 20 7631 3196.