Floodwaters continue to rise in Mozambique

Cyclone Eline is gone, but the effects of the torrential rains continue to devastate the people of Mozambique. And the water continues to rise. It has become a widespread and complex situation that is challenging even the most experienced emergency response teams.
Thousands may have already lost their lives. Entire villages and towns are totally isolated as connecting roads and bridges have been severely damaged or submerged. People are being rescued by helicopter directly from tree tops and hut roofs. Yesterday, in the province of Sofala, helicopters arrived too late to save the lives of 55 people who drowned after days of waiting.

World Vision has started to distribute food to more than 6,000 displaced people. World Vision is also partnering with Oxfam in rescue operations, making available $50,000 that will allow for the renting of a helicopter with a capacity to rescue 500 people per day, at the rate of 50 people per trip. Also, a small aircraft is being rented to help transport 1,500 survival kits containing 'capulanas' (women's wrap-arounds), axes and cooking pots, and blankets.

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