Floods in Mozambique Update

As the floodwaters finally begin to recede, humanitarian efforts in Mozambique are only now beginning to shift focus from rescue attempts to the first deliveries of relief supplies. Direct Relief International is in daily contact with its partners in Mozambique, who are now establishing needs lists for the first aid shipments into the region. Direct Relief will immediately begin preparing shipments of medical supplies and equipment as soon as we know exactly what goods are most needed and we are assured of secure delivery arrangements.
Until now, it has been extremely difficult for any humanitarian organizations, including Direct Relief, to establish workable relief programs in Mozambique. The country's transportation infrastructure has been severely disrupted, making it impossible to move aid shipments into or within the country.

Direct Relief International is doing everything it can to help the people of Mozambique recover from this terrible disaster as quickly as possible, and will undoubtedly be providing them with much-needed medical aid for many months to come.