Floods in Mozambique: Positive developments must continue

News and Press Release
Originally published
From SDC Newsletter No 2 / April 2000

Swiss development assistance for Mozambique after the floods has been primarily devoted to emergency needs. But Switzerland will also do whatever is possible to continue supporting the process of reconstruction begun in 1992 in this SDC target country.

Eight years of peace and stability have enabled Mozambique to engage in a process of reconstruction. Mozambique is one of the few African countries where recent developments have been positive; enabling it to regain political stability, make considerable progress and record significant economic growth.

Support for various operations

The extent of human loss and destruction caused by the floods has been catastrophic. Since the end of January, the SDC has been in permanent contact with its coordination office in Maputo to determine what actions were needed.

By mid-march, the SDC had released a total of CHF 10 million. It has supported evacuations and helicopter rescues, the distribution of tents, food and medicines and the provision of drinking water and sanitation. The SDC has also financed an awareness campaign to warn against the danger of mines washed away by the floods, as well as projects to prevent illnesses. Collaboration for rehabilitation and reconstruction has begun.

Maintaining and continuing what has been achieved

Mozambique is an SDC target country; the regular budget earmarked for the current year amounts to approximately CHF 30 million. The SDC is supporting the government in its efforts to democratise, to reform the economy, and to achieve more lasting peace. The SDC is also supporting efforts to develop a structured social order.

Although the floods have had relatively little direct impact on projects supported by Switzerland, it has nevertheless had an indirect effect. There was a need to adapt long-term projects, but the SDC will make sure that the positive developments achieved by Mozambique before the floods can be continued.