Floods have already claimed 91 lives in Mozambique

from UN Country Team in Mozambique
Published on 05 Feb 2013 View Original

Maputo, February 5, 2013 - Mozambique National Institute of Disaster Management (INGC) has announced that since the beginning of the rainy season in late October last year, 91 people have been killed, 211,000 affected across the country. Of this number, 150,000 are still in temporary accommodation centers.

The highest number of those made homeless is in the hardest hit southern Gaza province, accounting for about 140,000. The capital Maputo province has approximately 4 600 people in resettlement centers and the remaining distributed around the rest of the provinces, announced Rita Almeida, INGC spokesperson on February 4.

Briefing the media after the daily meeting of the Technical Council for Disaster Management yesterday in Maputo, Ms Almeida warned that the emergency situation prevails as heavy rains are forecast in the north, where some basins remain above alert levels. the low districts of Zambeze and Nampula provinces are already flooded resulting in some loss of life and massive destruction of property and infrastructure.

Local authorities were forced to suspend the train service in the northern line, between the provincial Nampula capital with Nacala district. With a strategic port, Nacala is the main import and export point for the northern provinces as well as the land locked neighboring countries.