Floods Cut Main Highway In Three Places

MAPUTO, Mozambique (PANA) - Torrential rains have cut Mozambique's main north-south highway in three places, Radio Mozambique reported on Sunday.
This development has made overland travel between Maputo and Beira impossible, the radio said.

The road was flooded when two small rivers, the Pembe and the Muari, in Chibabava district in the central province of Sofala burst their banks, it said.

The third cut is further south at Vulanjane in Inhambane province, where the heavy rains have made it impossible for vehicles to use a stretch of the road.

Bus passengers who wish to continue their journey must leave a vehicle on one side, wade across to the other side, and take another vehicle for the onward trip.

Though the area is usually regarded as semi-arid, this is the second year in a row when the north-south road has been cut at Vulanjane and in Chibabava.

The cuts have occurred in the same places as in February 1999 when heavy flooding also troubled the area.

Torrential rains continued in parts of southern Mozambique on Sunday, raising fears of renewed flooding on the main river valleys in Maputo and Gaza province.

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