Floods and Cyclones Situation Report No. 4



*Tropical Storm Irina passed the coastal areas of Gaza and Maputo provinces, damaging 29 schools, 2 health centers and 68 houses.
*Irina is forecasted to return to southern Mozambique and make landfall around 11 March. If this forecast holds, Irina can be expected to have a significant impact.
*According to the latest agricultural assessment, 41,979 ha of crop has been lost due to succesive storms this season, and seed inputs are needed to ensure the next planting season.
*Government sectors, supported by the humanitarian community at central and provincial level, continue to provide assistance to those affected.
*Pledges from donors still to be received will cover about 11.6 per cent of the US$17 million required in total to respond to the needs of those affected by successive storms.