Flood crisis in Mozambique region, four killed

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Maputo (dpa) - The Mozambican authorities Thursday warned that a second flood, even worst than the first one when the Incomati river burst its banks on Tuesday, would hit the Xinavane area within the next couple of days.

A spokesman for the Southern Regional Water Board said the drama on the lower parts of the Incomati river would continue for days to come.

Four people including two children were swept away and are presumed dead when the Incomati burst its banks and flooded the country's main north-south road between the town of Xinavane and the 3rd February village in the Manhica district, some 80 kilometres north of the capital of Maputo.

According to reports, the driver of a private bus carrying 40 people decided to continue the journey from the Gaza province to Maputo. The bus overturned in the flood waters.

The passengers managed to escape from the vehicle and contined their journey on foot but the rising flood waters forced them to turn back. Two women and two children disappeared in the roaring, muddy waters.

The other passengers managed to walk back to Xinavane.

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