Emergency Assistance for the Flood Disaster in Mozambique (Dispatch of a medical team of Japan Disaster Relief Team)

  1. On Thursday March 16, the Government of Japan decided to dispatch a 20-member medical team of the Japan Disaster Relief Team (JDRT), along with the provision of medicine and medical equipment, for about two weeks to the Republic of Mozambique which sustained an unprecedented flood disaster.
  2. In Mozambique, the severest flood damage in fifty years has been caused by successive blows: the rainfall from mid-January, torrential rain in early February, and a cyclone that hit the country on February 21-22. In the afflicted areas, while lifesaving activities are close to an end, there is mounting fear of the spread of such infectious diseases as cholera and malaria, and medical treatment is needed in the evacuation camps.
    In such a situation, the Government of Mozambique requested the Government of Japan on March 6 to dispatch a medical team. In response to that request, the Government of Japan already dispatched an advance team comprising four members on March 9.
  3. The Government of Japan has decided to take this measure from a humanitarian standpoint, in addition to the already announced emergency grant aid and emergency assistance in kind totaling about 121.50 million yen (equivalent to about one million US dollars), in view of the severity of this disaster and the friendly relations between Japan and Mozambique.
  4. The schedule of the medical team to be dispatched is as follows: The medical team, comprising 16 members, will be joined by two persons from the advance team and two from JICA already in Mozambique.

March 16 (Thu) 17:25 Leave Narita by JL 735 17
(Fri) 7:25 Arrive Maputo