Displacement Tracking Matrix - Mozambique, Emergency Tracking Tool (ETT) Report: No. 19/ 30 March 2021 09:00h

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Following the recent attacks in Palma Sede, DTM teams in Nanagde, Mueda, Montpeuze, and Pemba districts have registered a significant rise in IDP arrivals.

As of March 29, 2021, an estimated number of 3,361 IDPs had been registered arriving by foot, bus, and boat from Palma to the four districts. People who have been displaced continue to arrive in Nangade on foot and by bus from Nangade to Mueda, Montepuez, and Pemba. A boat carrying an estimated number of 112 IDPs has arrived in Pemba port but has yet to disembark due to the authorities' security screening procedure. In addition, 221 internally displaced persons (IDPs) were confirmed to be moving from Montepuez to Nampula.

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