Disease gets a hold in Mozambique flood zone

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British aid agencies working in Mozambique are struggling to keep at bay diseases including dysentery, cholera and malaria.
Linda Doull of medical aid charity Merlin, speaking from Maputo said: "Vital equipment in district hospitals and clinics has been destroyed and stocks of essential drugs washed away. The buildings themselves are lying under layers of filthy mud and silt."

Public and personal hygiene, clean drinking water and medical help to victims suffering from water-borne diseases have become a top priority - experience shows that action in the immediate aftermath of any emergency is vital if killer epidemics are to be stopped.

Charities have flown in public health specialists and water engineers to help organize the building of latrines and provision of clean water amongst other duties. Crucial 'family flood' parcels also continue to be handed out. Designed to last a month, these include mosquito nets, water purification tablets, bleach, soap and hygiene kits.