CWS Hotline - Week of 28/02/2000: Severe flooding in Mozambique

News and Press Release
Originally published
MOZAMBIQUE - Cyclone Eline blasted southern Africa last week, escalating the destruction of two weeks of heavy rain and severe flooding. Worst hit was Mozambique, where some 70 people are dead and more than half a million people have been affected, many of them uprooted from their homes and driven to refugee camps. Most of the region's drinking water has been contaminated, and health experts fear that approximately 800,000 people are at risk from possible epidemics of cholera, malaria, and meningitis.
Cyclone Eline also exacerbated flooding situations in South Africa, Botswana, Madagascar, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

CWS is providing $10,000 in Blanket Funds to provide blankets for 2,000 people affected by the flooding.