CWS Emergency Appeal: 2008 Mozambique Floods

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Appeal # 641-Z

Appeal amount: $1,119,565

SITUATION: At least 80,000 persons have been displaced because of floods in central and southern Mozambique that have killed at least 20 people in recent weeks.

Torrential rains have swollen the Zambezi River, Africa's fourth-largest, causing massive displacements, with government authorities trying to temporarily shelter tens of thousands.

In addition to the Zambezi, other rivers experiencing flooding include the P=FAngoè Rivers in Mozambique's central region, and the Limpopo River and smaller connecting rivers in the country's southern region.

Mozambican authorities have also warned that flooding is likely to worsen when the Kariba Dam, on the Mozambique-Zambia-Zimbabwe border, opens its floodgates next week.

Complicating the situation: the flood area is densely populated and many residents are reluctant to leave their homes, and officials are having to forcibly evacuate tens of thousands.

CWS RESPONSE: CWS is supporting the work of a joint effort (expected to last until July 31) among its partners in Mozambique, all members of the Action by Churches (ACT) International alliance: Ecumenical Committee for Social Development (CEDES); Lutheran World Federation Mozambique (LWF-Mozambique); the Presbyterian Church of Mozambique (IPM); and the Christian Council of Mozambique (CCM). The joint CWS-supported response includes assisting 55,460 persons, or some 10,575 families, all of whom are members of rural farming and fishing communities in river basins and islands.

Specific breakdown of the response: CEDES: 15,000 people; CCM: 10,000 people; LWF: 25,460 people; and IPM: 5,000 people.

CWS-supported work is focused in the provinces of Sofala, Zambézia, Tete, Gaza and Inhambane, and includes projects center on providing water, sanitation facilities, shelter and protection and future food security.

Among the specific objectives of the response: to improve access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation for people in accommodation and relocation centers, and also provide shelter and non-food items to those assisted. This includes provision of water and/or water purification materials, construction of latrines, and distribution of supplies such as jerry cans, mosquito nets, soap, plastic sheeting, and blankets. Also being supplied: seed kits, tools and other provisions to assist families as they return to agricultural areas.

Provision of goods varies from locale to locale; not all families will receive the same assistance. For example, 20,000 water purification kits will be provided to 4,162 families in Sofala and Mopeia; 4,000 mosquito nets will be distributed to 4,000 families in Sofala, Tete and Zambézia; 8,000 blankets distributed to 8,000 families in Sofala, Tete, Zambézia and Inhambane, etc.

BUDGET: $1,119,565, includes $914,557 in direct program costs, including $465,582 in immediate crisis work, and $448,975 in post-crisis work, including provision of seeds and other items to help farm families.

Contributions to support this emergency appeal may be sent to your denomination or to: Church World Service, Appeal - Account #641-Z (2008 Mozambique Floods), P.O. Box 968 Elkhart, IN 46515.

Contributions may also be made by credit card online or by calling: (800) 297-1516, ext. 222, or online at

CWS Emergency Response Program special contacts: (212) 870-3151

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