Child Protection Area of Responsibility August 2021 Update (16th September 2021)


Who and Where

Similar to previous updates, four actors have continued to report their activities (AIFO, AVSI, IOM, and Save the Children), and Lar de Esperança continue to be noted as an implementing partner of Save the Children.

Two partners have started to report activities in relation to the Cabo Delgado response. Plan International have reported Child Protection awareness raising activities in Chiure, Cabo Delgado. Elsewhere, Kulima (and Wiwanana and Street Child) have reported activities in Chuire, Pemba and Ancuabe. Kulima/Street Child activities focus on case management, as well as UASC, whereas Wiwanana/Street Child activities focus on the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Emergencies.

Total reach across all activities increased to 36,237 in August 2021. This number, however, does not account for double counting, as it may count the same person across various indicators. To avoid this (as the same person may have been reached across different activities), we can count only the maximum reached by any indicator in a district. Focusing just on the Cabo Delgado Response and using this method, the total reach for the Cabo Delgado Response is 18,649. This is 7% of the total Target (278,147) for the CP AoR in 2021.

All of the top four districts (from the previous update) in Cabo Delgado increased in persons reached. However, the reach in Chuire increased from 95 to 2090 due to the increased reporting from Plan International.