CCCM Cluster Mozambique - Monthly Report: Northern Provinces - Cabo Delgado and Nampula (August 2021)

Situation Report
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Overall Objective

The aim of the Cluster is to improve the living conditions and protection of IDPs in sites and settlements and ensure equal access to services, with a clear focus on moving toward attaining durable solutions.

Community engagement

One of the central aims of CCCM is to enable affected populations to play an active role in the decision-making processes that affect them.

In August, training to community leaders and representatives for Women and Disability Inclusion Committees have been carried out in Ntokota and Ngalane sites, with the participation of SDPI from Metuge and Quissanga districts.

Women’s committees were also successfully created in Nicavaco and Katapua sites, while monitoring and supervision of the women’s and disability inclusion committees is ongoing in Ngalane, Ntokota and Marrupa.

During the month of August, the Complaint and Feedback Mechanism was implemented across 15 sites. A total of 110 cases were filed, for a total of 573 cases since April this year. Out of the 110 cases received, 73 per cent were requests for assistance, 25 per cent complaints and 1 per cent request for information.

A total of 88 per cent of the cases received in August were closed within the same month. Of this, 87 per cent were closed after referral and 13 per cent were closed at site.
Most of the cases were related to the NFI sector (42.7%) and FSL sector (19%) followed by General Protection (10%).