CCCM Cluster Mozambique - Monthly Report: Northern Provinces - Cabo Delgado and Nampula (June 2021)

Situation Report
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Overall Objective

The aim of the Cluster is to improve the living conditions and protection of IDPs in sites and settlements and ensure equal access to services, with a clear focus on moving toward attaining durable solutions.

Community engagement

One of the central aims of CCCM is to enable affected populations to play an active role in the decision-making processes that affect them. CCCM activities will ensure populations have the space to voice their opinions, participate in service delivery and get direct feedback from service providers.

Focus group discussions were held in Ngalane, Ntocota, and Marrupa to inform the set up of women’s committees for CCCM. These committees will strive to ensure that concerns raised by women are heard and support is identified for key areas of concern.

The CCCM partner in Montepuez conducted awareness raising activities both door-to-door and with focus groups of beneficiaries (35 HHs reached every day within the month of June, with a total of approx. 700 HHs reached in June).

During the month of June a total of 208 cases were filed, for a total of 435 cases. Out of the 208 cases received, 54 per cent were complaints, 42 per cent request for assistance, 2 per cent request for information and 2 per cent feedback.

In Montepuez, thanks to complaints gathered at site level through the CFM and liaison with Committees, an additional 45 vulnerable families were identified for specific assistance.