CCCM Cluster Mozambique - Ancuabe Situation Update, June 2022


Recent attacks in Cabo Delgado's Ancuabe district, as well as fears of attacks by Non-State Armed Groups (NSAG), have resulted in a new wave of forced displacement from communities and IDP sites in Ancuabe and neighboring districts. Between June 1 and June 30, an estimated 6,403 households were affected by these attacks in 29 sites, namely (Nanjua A, Cujupane, Megaruma, Marrupa, Ocua, Chiure Velho, Nacivare, Meculane, Catapua, Ntocota, Ngalane, Nacuta, Nangua 2, Tratara, Unidade, Manono, Mieze, Nacopo, Merige, Nacate, Ncoripo, Campona, Marcune, Massingir, Nicuapa, Ntele, Napai, Matuto and Corrane). The majority of newly displaced people, 60.4 %, were received in IDP sites and communities in Metuge district, 18.8 % in Chiure district, 16.4 % in Montepuez district, 4.1% in Ancuabe district, and less than one percent in Meconta district in Nampula province. Although the government and humanitarian actors have assisted these populations and plan to provide additional assistance, shelter, NFI, hygiene kits, water, access to showers and latrines, and food remain critical needs for new arrivals. An estimated 33% of the newly arrived population requires shelter assistance, 23% requires food assistance, 13% requires access to water, and the remaining 31% requires access to other needs like latrines and hygiene kits.