Cabo Delgado Crisis: Situation Report 1 - 14 April 2021

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In total, over 688,000 people have been displaced due to insecurity and violence in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique since 2017 (IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix [DTM], as of February 2021).

Since attacks occurred in Palma, in the northernmost district of Cabo Delgado Province on 24 March 2021, IOM DTM has recorded more than 18,600 IDPs coming from Palma (as of 14 April).

IOM is providing multisectoral humanitarian assistance to displaced persons, including Psychosocial and Protection assistance and referrals to existing services for the most vulnerable.


Displacement from Palma district continues, as hundreds of displaced persons (IDPs) arrive daily by foot, bus, boat and air in Nangade, Mueda, Montepuez and Pemba districts. It is thought that a significant number of displaced people may still be in the forest making their way to safer areas.

Reportedly 23,000 IDPs are currently located in Afungi/Quitanda village (according to the company Total, at their site, as of 4 April). The security situation in Palma remains volatile.

The City of Palma and the airstrip in Palma are now reported to be under the control of the Government of Mozambique.

Out of the total of more than 18,600 IDPs recorded from Palma, 43% are children, 31% are women, and 26% men; this includes 249 unaccompanied children, 289 pregnant women, 605 elderly people and 78 persons with disabilities.
Urgent humanitarian assistance is required; many IDPs fled the violence with only the clothes they were wearing; urgent access to basic items and services is needed. Many IDPs report distress following their journey, emphasizing the need for psychosocial support.

Health concerns are expanding. Several districts are reporting cholera outbreak (Pemba, Metuge, Montepuez, Chiúre,
Ancuabe), with a total of 3,141 cases and 16 deaths (15 March, according to district health authorities). There are 82 active cases of COVID-19 reported in Cabo Delgado.

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