British public donates £22 million to Mozambique floods

News and Press Release
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The British public has donated an amazing =A322 million to the joint aid agency appeal for the flood victims in Mozambique. The money raised by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal has already helped to save lives and is now helping to get people back on their feet.
Two million people were affected by the floods, half of which are still in chronic need of assistance. An estimated 650,000 people will be dependent on food aid for at least the next six months and over 250,000 people are still living in temporary camps set up during the flooding.

Rains have continued in many areas and floodwaters remain high, preventing many people from returning home. In the worst affected areas, access is still difficult and aid can only be delivered by boat and helicopter.

"The aid agencies are focusing on keeping people healthy, fed and dry; assisting those that are returning home to rebuild their homes and livelihoods, and ensuring that clean water and health services are available," said a spokesman for the DEC.

" It will be a long haul but with the incredible support of the British public we are already making a difference."

With crops and food supplies destroyed, families will be dependent on food aid until they can harvest their own crops again. In recent weeks, the aid agencies have been working with local partners to organise the distribution of seeds and tools in a race against time to plant for the next harvest. Unless crops were planted by the middle of April, farmers will have to wait until the next planting season in September and these crops wouldn't be ready to harvest until February next year. Planting has been further hampered by the fact that the amount of ground suitable for planting is limited as large areas are still flooded. As people continue to return to their homes in the coming months, aid agencies will be providing cattle, goats and other livestock as well as seeds and tools in preparation for the next planting season.

In a positive move to maintain the gains made in education in recent years, Mozambique is trying to ensure that children return to school as quickly as possible. 657 primary and secondary schools were damaged by the floods, affecting the education of over 200,000 children. Oxfam, Action Aid and Save the Children are helping rebuild the schools and supply them with materials such as books, pens and paper.

Within towns and communities, the aid agencies are repairing and re-stocking hospitals and health centres, re-establishing water supplies, repairing and cleaning wells, cleaning up buildings and providing community kits including maize mills, tools and equipment.

The aid agencies involved in the Mozambique Appeal are Action Aid, British Red Cross, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Concern, Help the Aged, Merlin, Oxfam, Save the Children Fund, Tearfund and World Vision.