Ayuda en Acción is mobilized to support the reconstruction of Mozambique after Idai and Kenneth [EN/PT]


  • The country has been hit hard by two cyclones in less than two months.
  • Ayuda en Acción, an NGO that has been working in Mozambique for 22 years, has already begun its humanitarian response to support reconstruction.
  • The organization calls for citizen collaboration to build latrines, provide clean water and distribute seed kits, hygiene and sexual and reproductive health for women.

Madrid, 16 May 2019. Ayuda en Acción is mobilizing to support the reconstruction of Mozambique, which has been hit by two tropical cyclones in just over a month. If Cyclone Idai was one of the biggest natural disasters to hit the center of the country in all its history, the impact of Kenneth in the north, where the NGO focuses its activity, already affects more than 250,000 people, in addition to the numerous damages it has caused in homes, schools, hospitals, roads or fields.

Ayuda en Acción, which has been present in Mozambique since 1997, has begun to work to respond to this double emergency scenario that the United Nations has already related to the impact of climate change. In Kenneth's case, the main concern is the consequences that the floods may have on the population. As Alejandro Zurita, head of Humanitarian Aid at Ayuda en Acción, points out, "although the north is less populated than the center of the country, Kenneth does not cease to be a second scourge for Mozambique in a very short time. In Ayuda en Acción we know firsthand the reality of these communities and most of them are peasant families very vulnerable to this type of disaster due to factors such as their high degree of poverty, the materials in their homes or their proximity to geographically vulnerable areas such as the slopes or the surroundings of rivers”.

The rains, strong winds and floods associated with Cyclone Kenneth especially hit the province of Cabo Delgado, where so far have been reported: more than 50 people dead, 20,000 people displaced, more than 35,000 families affected, more than 35,000 houses totally or partially destroyed and more than 31,000 hectares of crops affected, among other damages.

Ayuda en Acción Response to Kenneth Faced with this scenario and in order to respond to the population most affected by Kenneth, the NGO has started a humanitarian emergency operation in the town of Nacuta (Cabo Delgado), where more than 700 families have lost everything.

With the support of Welthungerhilfe (WHH) - an organization which, together with Ayuda en Acción, is part of Alliance2015 (a platform of European development NGOs) - UNICEF and several local organizations are distributing hygiene kits (soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste), dignity kits (underwear and feminine hygiene products) and certainty, a product to disinfect water, as a cholera outbreak has already started. The material will be distributed to 2,700 families and will be accompanied by training and awareness-raising on water and hygiene.

Ayuda en Acción Response to Idai In response to the emergency caused by Idai, Ayuda en Acción has launched a humanitarian aid project in the center of the country to help the most vulnerable families recover their agricultural production and ensure access to basic sanitation. With the economic support of the Generalitat Valenciana, seed kits and hand tools are being distributed, as well as providing training to families in agricultural practices and techniques for mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

In addition, in order to tackle diseases such as cholera, more than 200 latrines are being built and people are being trained in hygiene practices, attitudes and habits. This humanitarian action project is being developed jointly with local organizations and the Italian NGO Cesvi, which is also part of Alliance2015.

The NGO has also set up a website to raise funds to rebuild a country that has been doubly punished by nature. Donations to support reconstruction can be made on the Ayuda en Acción website, calling 900 85 85 88 and in the bank account ES08 2100 5731 7802 0028 7243.

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